Non-Provisional Patent (Utility Patent)

A non-provisional patent provides protection for a new, original, useful, and functional item of manufacture, process, composition of matter, or machine. Utility patents are best suited for functional inventions, such as gadgets, tools, or inventions with electrical or mechanical parts.  The term of a non-provisional patent is generally up to twenty (20) years from filing.

A non-provisional patent provides the exclusive right to the product or invention for a limited time period in exchange for the inventor disclosing the invention to the public.  A non-provisional patent will prevent anyone from manufacturing, selling, or otherwise profiting from your product or invention in the United States and its territories.

While a utility patent may offer thorough legal protection, you may or may not need additional protection, such as a trademark and/or copyright. It is also important to understand the process of patenting your product or invention before you begin the process.  To ensure that you get complete and appropriate legal protection for your product or idea you should contact Maxey Law Offices to schedule an initial consultation.

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